The Digital Marketing Starter Kit has all the necessary topics covered to set up your digital footprint in no time.

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Chapter 1 : An Introduction to the Basics

The introduction video will help you with the basic terminologies of digital marketing.

20 Mins

Chapter 2 : Website Creation

This section will cover how you can create your own website in no time. You will be amazed to create your own website.

45 mins.

Chapter 3 : SEO - Search Engine Optimization

This section will focus on one of the most topics in the digital marketing course. SEO can generate you revenue for your invested time in it.

1 hr.

Chapter 4 : Search Engine Marketing

Get to know all about paid advertisements and how to invest your money for a fruitful return.

35 mins.

Chapter 5 : Email Marketing

One of the most important topics is the Email Marketing which when implemented correctly generates a huge revenue.



Shyam S. Singh


Shyam is an Engineer by education, Entrepreneur by profession and Digital Marketer by passion. He has 7 plus years of industry experience and runs two companies of his own and has generated millions of revenue through digital marketing. 


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