The Digital Marketing Starter Kit has all the necessary topics covered to set up your digital footprint in no time.

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Chapter 1 : An Introduction to the Basics

The introduction video will help you with the basic terminologies of digital marketing.

20 Mins

Chapter 2 : Website Creation

This section will cover how you can create your own website in no time. You will be amazed to create your own website.

45 mins.

Chapter 3 : SEO - Search Engine Optimization

This section will focus on one of the most topics in the digital marketing course. SEO can generate you revenue for your invested time in it.

1 hr.

Chapter 4 : Search Engine Marketing

Get to know all about paid advertisements and how to invest your money for a fruitful return.

35 mins.

Chapter 5 : Email Marketing

One of the most important topics is the Email Marketing which when implemented correctly generates a huge revenue.



Shyam S. Singh


Shyam is an Engineer by education, Entrepreneur by profession and Digital Marketer by passion. He has 10 plus years of industry experience and runs two companies of his own and has generated millions of revenue through digital marketing. 


Register Now. Limited Seats Available.

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Professional Certification Course In Digital Marketing - (PCCDM)

This certification course will provide you complete knowledge of Digital Marketing with ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

Web Designing & Framework

This upcoming course is a very interesting topic and is one of the most wanted skills by the employers.


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