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We are here to help students, individuals and professionals to excel in their
career by learning the digital marketing skills. We also provide business consultation
for onboarding the business and growing it online.

Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around Learning & Growing With Your Users

You can also call this heading as “Our philosophy” or “Our vision.” This is where we will talk about what drives us and our business and what’s unique about our process. What we are about to tell you here is something distinct and interesting about our business that sets it apart from others in the same industry.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and this is where we talk about ours. We have been into conventional marketing for years, worked in operations for a multinational company, then switched to the digital and non-conventional marketing field. Having the industry experience is what has driven us in the past two years to establish a company making millions in revenue and letting us know the true power of Digital Marketing.

Why Digital Marketing as a Career?

Digital Marketing is the concept of using digital media or medium to reach out to the masses in a cost-effective way. Conventional Marketing like Hoardings, Newspaper ads Banners, etc is time-consuming and less effective than digital marketing methods in terms of time and profit. Digital Marketing has become a technology for the masses.

Digital Marketing is a skill that you need to hone every day, by learning and its practical application. You can easily create a steady flow of income by growing traffic to your website or can increase the sales of your business creating awareness about your product through digital marketing. WordPress, Drupal or Joomla have revolutionized the way of building websites. New tools and easy tracking systems have led the digital devices to be the Polaris of this modern era.

As per the latest research conducted in the USA, the result shows that there is a big talent gap between employer’s demand and what is available to them. Being into a generation where billions of smartphones are purchased in a month we are not able to acquire the required knowledge. One of the major reasons is due to the lack of quality training institutes and less number of digital marketing professionals being produced every year.

Small, medium or big every company has a demand for smart digital marketing professionals to grow and expand their business digitally due to which growth in this field is very high.

Why – WhyDigital.in?

Just because of two things:

1: We have tested digital marketing and have generated millions of revenue from it.
2: We will show you how to do it.

Our Awesome Team

Shyam S. Singh

Shyam S. Singh

Founder & CEO

An Engineer by Education, Entrepreneur by Profession, and Digital Marketer by Passion, Shyam has 7+ years of industry experience.

Madhushree Halder

Madhushree Halder

Co-Founder & CMO

Having 5+ years of experience in Digital Marketing, Madhushree has been creating and mentoring teams for brand creation, designing and SEO.

Sheo S. Singh

Sheo S. Singh

Brand Development Manager

Having 3+ years of experience specializing in brand development, Sheo has added an A badge to our team.

Raj Shekhar

Raj Shekhar

Web Developer

Having 4+ years of website designing and development experience, Raj has some tips and hacks to share with you all.

Our Values 


We work and educate in a manner that at every point of time the quality is maintained. We keep a watchful eye 24/7 on our clients business growth and student’s career opportunities.


We learn everyday either by educating our team or students or by practical applications of the tools. Our motive is to stay updated every time.

Client Obsession

What matters the most to us is – are our clients and students satisfied from our services. That is the question that we ask ourselves everyday. 



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